Trade Secrets: Rowland B. Wilson's Notes on Design for Cartooning and Animation

Author(s): Lemieux Wilson, Suzanne; Wilson, Rowland B

Series: Animation Masters Title

Publisher: CRC Press;Focal Press, Year: 2012

ISBN: 978-0-240-81734-7,978-0-240-81735-4,0240817346,9781136127267,1136127267

Animation doesn't come with instructions; Rowland B. Wilson demanded guidelines. Trade Secrets offers a never before published peek into the personal journals of Rowland B. Wilson (1930-2005), a legend in the world of Cartooning, Advertising, Illustration and Animation. Trade Secrets is a compendium of tips, tricks, philosophies and techniques garnered over a lifetime of professional animation and artistry. Study one-on-one with a mentor whose Walt Disney film credits include The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Atlantis and Treasure Planet. These writings represent the quintessential refresher for fine artists and animation professionals, and are vital tutorials for students who are now poised to be part of another new generation in the art form. Have a seat and let an amiable, respected mentor reveal his keys to success. Develop your professional creative toolset with a focus on foundational animation techniques. Inspiration in your pocket; Trade Secrets includes a digital pocket guide, filled with charts and diagrams as well as helpful tools and tips.

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