Political Oratory and Cartooning: An Ethnography of Democratic Processes in Madagascar

Author(s): Jennifer Jackson

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2013

ISBN: 9781118306062,9781118306185

Jackson traces the lively skirmishes between Madagascar’s political cartoonists and politicians whose cartooning and public oratory reveal an ever-shifting barometer of democracy in the island nation. 

The first anthropological study of the role of language and rhetoric in reshaping democracy. Maps the dynamic relationship between formalized oratory, satire, and political change in Madagascar. A fascinating analysis of the extraordinary Ciceronian features of kabary, a style of formal public oratory long abandoned in the West.  Documents the management by United States Democrat campaign advisors of a foreign presidential bid, unprecedented in the post-colonial era

Chapter 1 Introduction: “Look Out! The Sleeping Locusts Awake” (pages 1–17): 
Chapter 2 A History of Language and Politics in Madagascar (pages 18–64): 
Chapter 3 The Structural and Social Organization of Kabary Politika (pages 65–91): 
Chapter 4 The Structural and Social Organization of Kisarisary Politika (Political Cartooning) (pages 92–116): 
Chapter 5 Building Publics through Interanimating and Shifting Registers (pages 117–156): 
Chapter 6 “Stop Acting Like a Slave”: The Ideological and Aesthetic Dimensions of Syntax and Register in Political Kabary and Political Cartooning (pages 157–192): 
Chapter 7 “That's What You Think”: Arguing Representations of Truth in Language (pages 193–213): 
Chapter 8 Conclusion: The Constraints and Possibilities of Democracy (pages 214–240):

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