Selling Your Cartoons (Ngartun English Version)

As a cartoon fan you will have seen cartoons in a whole range of media. These are all potential markets for your work too. They include newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, book, ads, the web and greetings cards.
1. Selling ‘on spec’
Some magazines and newspapers in the UK such us Private Eye, The Sun and Spectactor publish cartoons submitted to them on spec. This means that artists heve sent them cartoons speculatively, knowing that they take cartoons, but obviously they have no guarantee that the editor will use their work. This open policy means if your work is good enough you can get published in recognized publications. Needless to say this is harder than it sounds, and you must be prepared for a lot it sounds, and you must be prepared for a lot of rejection, but if your work is good and you keep sending to them, they could well publish your cartoons.
2. Getting a regular spot
Many consumer magazines, trade publications and newspapers already have, or might be willing to consider, a regular cartoon feature. However, they will only take work that reflects the readership they cater for. Getting a regular spot involves marketing your work by putting a package together of relevant work they will like and pitching your cartoons as a feature for their readers. There are a lot publications on the newsstands catering for many diverse interest, so half the battle is selecting good potential targets. You don’t want to waste time with magazines who will never use cartoons, of have no budget for cartoons. Always make a quick phone call first to find out if they are interested in taking cartoons and, if so, find the right person they should be sent to.
3. Be professional
When sending off samples of your work for a regular spot or on spec you should always be professional in your approach. Include a short businesslike covering letter with your contact details and a few relevant samples of your work. If you are pitching for a regular spot draw up a few samples to explain the feature. If you are submitting on spec include about ten drawings that you hope will appeal. Editors are busy people, so don’t write pages of explanatory notes or package your cartoons in such a way that they are hard to view quickly.
4. Market yourself
Beyond direct contact to publications there are other ways to get yourself noticed by people who are actually searching for cartoonists. Advertising agencies, designers, publishers and businesses often need to commission work. Some cartoonists have their own website, or advertise in the advertising and design industry trade press. However, this can be expensive and may not produse results. Joining an agency, syndicate or stock house can reduce your initial outlay, but remember that they will take a percentage of your fees, and they will often only take on established artists. You’ll probably have to demonstrate that you’ve been able to sell your work yourself before an agent will be prepared to take you on (Joel Mishon 2003:96). Sumber:
(Cartoon Workshop:How to create humour)

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