Lomba Ngartun tema Camping-Pelancong

Organizer: ARTour Nerezine Association. Art Selector: Branka Hlevnjak, art critic consultant (Zagreb)
Participation The exibition will take place in the art gallery of Osor Community Hall during the summer 2012.
International Cartoon Exhibition - Osor 2012 The exhibition has international character, there is no age limit,or limit on the participants' profession. Two (2) entries, one on each theme (A+B), mandatory for each participant.

A.CAMPING - Tourism on the Island
One (1) entry per theme mandatory for each participant.

Only original cartoons.
The work produced on a computer should be numbered and signed in pencil.
Photocopies and other types of copied art works are not eligible for prizes.
Your name should be printed on the back of each paper.
Format: min A4 (210x297 mm) - max A3 (297x420 mm).
If the author sends of more than two (1A +1 B) working papers, the pieces for the competition will be selected by the selector.

The deadline for paper submission is One (1) entry per theme mandatory for each participant.
14th June 2012.

(for 05.OSCARfest)
Savska cesta 100
10000 Zagreb, CROATIA

All participants at the 3rd, 4th and 5th Festival will receive an e-mail directory.

The public is the only Jury - visitors to the Exhibition vote for the caricature they consider to be the best. Voting is by secret ballot; the votes will be counted by a committee at the end of the Exhibition at the Croatian Cartoonist Association in Zagreb. Ballots can also be prize winners. Scraping the ballots, lucky ones im-mediately win special prizes: catalogs, postcards, T-shirts, cartoons... If you would like to contribute to the prize fund (a cartoons, copies, etc.) please mark the back with an X

The OSCAR PRIZE to the overall winner (A+B)
- solo exhibition at the 6th OSCARfest in 2013.
- 7 days in mobile house at camping site Cikat, Mali Loinj in the last week of September 2013. (Sponsor: Jadranka Camping)

Other Rules:
Exhibited art works will be at the organizers' disposal, who can use them for promotional purposes without compensation to the author, and continue to exhibit them. The organizer can copy the papers for the archives, advertising, entertainment, sponsors, and media and use them as awards to the voters - visitors.

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